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HKOE 7: Woodkiln

The HKOE 7 is based on years of experience with the HKOE 5 (which had to be dismantled after 7 years and 56 firings when the property was sold)





• uses only biofuel, and no fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal or electricity made from it.

• CO2 neutral

• little or no smoke development, due to optimal combustion



• easy and fast to load

• short firing time

• can be fired by 1 person (so no team or relief needed)

• optimal combustion

• limited wood consumption (optimum yield)



• simply load and fire the kiln, standing upright (no crawling or squatting)

• add wood to the cool side (no face shield and protective clothing required)

• short firing time

• limited wood consumption (no tons of wood to move)

• precise air supply regulation


Useful volume: ± 1000 liters (1 m³) (2 chambers)

Reaches 1300°C in 7 hours with ± 0.70 m³ of wood

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