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Ceramics are close to my heart.
As an avid self-builder and wood turner I came
years ago in contact with ceramics. My interest
in this traditional art form is by then
evolved into a passion.
I found however the pieces fired in an electric kiln too sterile,

too clean.

I missed the liveliness, the organic, the unexpected.
In my search for more natural expression,
I started designing and building wood kilns.
Back to basics: let the natural elements do their work.
The firing must provide added value.
Focus on the interplay of clay, wood, oxygen and fire.
Controlling different parameters by means of
position and arrangement in the kiln, the firing rhythm,
the firing time, the air supply, the fly ash, the
kiln atmosphere ... is a fascinating combination
that gives so much added value to the ceramics.
The pieces are marked by the wood and get more depth.
The natural ash glaze and playful marks of the fire and the atmosphere make each piece unique.
I show you some of the results of this voyage of discovery.
A fascinating journey that is still going on.

Followed course ceramics:
Academy of Fine Arts, Nijlen (B) (4y)
IKA, Institute for Arts and Crafts, Mechelen (B) (4y)
College of Fine and Applied Arts, Heist-op-den-Berg (B) (2y)


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